Recently, University of Arizona political science major Nyles Kendall wrote an article, which had as its theme the countering a conservative pundit’s assertion that students are undergoing liberal indoctrination:

There are some who would also ask you to consider whether you’ve been ideologically indoctrinated by your radical, leftist college professors. Katie Pavlich, a graduate of the UA and the news editor of, believes that this is the case.

In an appearance on the ever-so-fair and balanced Fox News, Pavlich accused her alma mater of indoctrinating students and being intolerant of conservative views….

Of course, anyone currently enrolled at the UA knows that the university goes out of its way to accommodate different points of view. The UA College Republicans and the Bible-thumping proselytizers who set up shop on the UA Mall can hardly complain of having their views suppressed in any way.

However, the real story is in the responses that highlight Kendall’s seeming indoctrination:

From commentor Second Breakfast:

Nyles, you made Katie’s point beautifully, though I suspect you don’t know how well you did. By exemplifying such mindless drivel as “leave your viewpoints at the door” as something praiseworthy, you expose the indoctrination that you yourself have already undergone. You actually believe that there’s such a thing as perspective-free dialogue. How cute. Even more funny, you believe that a piece of paper earned Katie her career. You’re likely to be badly shaken up when upon graduating you find that your degree gets you a higher place on the stack of menial clerical jobs, but not much else.

An observation from SunnyJS:

Is there anything funnier than a progressive in a snit of tolerance, slashing and burning with their ideological codes “bible-thumping”? and “narrow conceptions of normativity with prejudice” otherwise described as Christians and conservatives outside the Alinsky vernacular of ridicule? So which is it Nyles, old boy? Is it bad on Katie girl for having observed and described just such tolerance as you offer here in code, and having made herself (yes, she built that) successful in spite of her education and not because of it? Or is it bad on old Nyles here, for suggesting UA teaches to “accept and embrace each other’s differences” whilst flogging those “bible-thumpers” with ridicule in code as well as our Katie for expressing her “differences” on indoctrination?

From reader Kevin Woos:

Real classy how you scream about tolerance yet espouse such hatred for conservatives. Katie will forget more about journalism in the next ten seconds than you will know in a lifetime.

Dolores has this thought:

Sarcasm, the weapon of the weak and those who have no defense for their complete brainwashing. Nyles – you’re living proof that Katie is right. Open your eyes son.

Finally, proof that the consequences of punditry can impact the bottom line, from ValiRat:

This is why I don’t advertise with the Wildcat.