After many decades of indoctrination in the teacher colleges, nearly half of the American population, taught by education school graduates, now embraces socialist ideas ranging from equality of results to authoritarian control of the means of production.

The number of people with these views will continue to grow so long as those who were, and will be, taught in the public education system, in turn, become future professors of education in teacher colleges. The leftist’s conveyor belt will endlessly churn out more socialist educators, anti-capitalist revolutionaries, and so-called journalists with every graduating class.  Why do I think this?

In the late 1990s/early 2000s, I had an epiphany while my children were in middle school.   Their straight-A report cards made me a trusting parent, because I naively assumed educators were teaching the basics in the same way that I had learned them.  I was wrong!  After close examination of my children’s homework, followed by research into a morass of education pedagogy, with connections around the globe, I discovered a mindset that startled me.

Not only were my children guinea pigs of questionable pedagogical theories, but virtually every subject they studied referenced examples of socialist thinking, although of course the s-word was never used.  Believing that many of the young teachers were simply naive, and hoping to stem the tide in my district, I became a parent education activist on the Internet.  Authors and legislators used some of my research.  Although I was criticized by the cognoscenti for challenging them, I was right on the mark.

Thanks to Obama, we are now free to openly speak the truth. Public education is a hotbed of socialist ideas and practices; its missionaries, beginning with John Dewey, have always been focused on totally transforming America.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of people who voted for Obama are now inured to socialism’s tyrannical dangers.  They have been thoroughly indoctrinated.  And based on the results of the last election, it’s safe to assume that, if anything, the socialist movement is in hyper drive today.  Doubt me?  When was the last time you looked through your child’s textbook for leftist ideas and factual errors, especially regarding our founding leaders, economic system, and form of government? Who’s praised? Who’s diminished? Who’s missing?

What can conservatives do if we’re to regain all that we value in education?  We start by searching for ways to slay the dragons that have corrupted our system of government.  Look first to the U.S. Department of Education, the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and the leftist politicians and media that support their activities.  Defund them. Infiltrate them. Reveal their methodology and their legislative activities.

If you need motivation, explore their websites for leftist fodder.  Read an NEA pamphlet titled Putting Our Values To Work.  To my mind, the tattered flag on its cover exemplifies their view of America as an unjust nation, and inside it is a reading list which recommends Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.  Enough said.

These people deny freedom of school choice to even the poorest among us. Education, like food, is the sustenance of life.  Imagine what it would be like if government forced us to shop only at one grocery store in the district closest to our homes.  Imagine an educational company store run by the government, because that’s what we have now, and they’re selling socialism to the students by the basketful.

At this pivotal time, everyone should support vouchers and school choice.  A free market approach to education would slam the door on socialism because it would release students trapped in the nation’s worst school plantations. It’s time to break the government’s shackles. Let the students be free.

At the university level, conservative faculty should volunteer to sit on search committees.  Insist on interviewing candidates that challenge leftist orthodoxy.  In public debates and private conversations, challenge the leftists that surround you.

University students whose conservative values are threatened should turn to The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (F.I.R.E.), and to College Insurrection for commentary and advice.

Parents should thoroughly examine their children’s textbooks and assignments.  Ask to audit classes that concern you.  Ask teachers to explain their teaching methods, but before walking into that meeting, acquaint yourself with their pedagogical terminology, because teachers will use it to make you feel ignorant.  Attend school board meetings.  Run for school board.

Open your mind to the benefits of homeschooling.

Finally, fire every power-hungry politician who refuses to consider total freedom of choice in education.

Rock the boat. Save America.