They’re probably just trying to be different than the Harvard College Republicans who didn’t endorse Trump.

Campus Reform reports.

Yale College Republicans: we’re unimportant, also endorsing Trump

The Yale University College Republicans (YCR) have endorsed Donald Trump, despite their Ivy League peers choosing not to do so.

Recently, a Twitter account that appeared to belong to a member of YCR claimed that the group would not be endorsing Trump. However, in a statement Monday, YCR said the account was “in no way affiliated with our organization” and confirmed that it would actually be supporting Trump’s presidential bid.

YCR noted that while some members oppose the endorsement, it will “remain loyal” to the party and urge voters to “think carefully about the repercussions” of voting for Hillary Clinton.

The YCR statement provided a stark contrast to the scathing denouncement of Trump by the Harvard College Republicans, who called Trump a “threat to the survival” of the country and “antithetical to our values.”

The Harvard denouncement inspired other College Republican clubs to follow suit, as the Princeton CRs refused to endorse Trump and stated it would focus on down-ballot races instead.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Yale’s Republicans have turned away from their Ivy League counterparts with an official endorsement of Donald Trump.