The University of Wyoming has created a great new summer jobs program for veterans.

Wyoming Public Radio reports.

University Of Wyoming Creates Veterans Trail Crew

A University of Wyoming trail building program has created a summer work crew specifically for veterans in need of a job. The Wyoming Veterans Trail Crew will be a part of the Wyoming Conservation Corps beginning next May.

Veterans working on the crew will spend the summer doing outdoor labor, like building fences and trails, and habitat and historical restoration. Wyoming Conservation Corps Assistant Director Patrick Harrington says, veterans will be provided with food and a tent while they are out in the field, as well as a living stipend and an educational award to use towards tuition or student debt.

Harrington says veterans face a lot of challenges upon their return, and one of the major goals of the program is to ease veterans back into the job market and civilian life.

“We hope to be able to do that with somewhat of a regimented summer, reporting duties that kind of go up a chain, teamwork and comradery,” Harrington says. “And in providing these hard skills trainings, hopefully that will kind of fill it all in and help to create this change.”