Racism is allowed in academia, as long as you’re discriminating against the right people.

Campus Reform reports.

Prof hosts workshop on ‘how racism shapes white identity’

A University of Washington lecturer recently hosted a “white fragility workshop” for Seattle residents “interested in deepening their understanding of how racism shapes white identity.”

Dr. Robin DiAngelo, an academic who has built her career on studying whiteness, facilitated the sold-out workshop, which was so well received the first time around that she tacked on a second date.

According to a Facebook page for the event, participants explored the concept of “white fragility,” a term DiAngelo coined in one of her books on the topic.

“This workshop will provide an in-depth analysis of the specific ways that racism manifests through white fragility,” the description explains. “White fragility is the concept that due to living in a social environment that insulates them from racial stress, whites have not had to build their capacity for constructive cross-racial engagement.”

Consequently, white people “often respond poorly to challenges to our racial worldviews,” the description continues, encouraging anyone interested in discovering how “racism shapes white identity” to attend the workshop.