Everything that isn’t considered politically correct by progressives will eventually be banned on campus.

The Daily Caller reports.

Ole Miss Abolishes Dixie At Football Games

In a concession to activists who claim the song is offensive, the marching band at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) will no longer play the song “Dixie” as part of its routine at sporting events.

“Dixie” was first published in 1860, just prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War. Although written by Daniel Decatur Emmett, a Northerner, the song was immediately very popular in the South and served as an unofficial anthem for the Confederate States America. It has remained an iconic song of the South ever since.

And that’s just the problem, according to officials at Ole Miss, who say the song’s historical context mean it’s no longer welcome at games.

“We want everyone who steps foot on campus to feel welcome, and that they’re part of the Ole Miss family,” athletic director Ross Bjork told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. “We felt we needed to move forward and do the right things. This is another step in that direction to make sure we’re welcoming to people.”