Heresy gets punished with reprogramming.

The College Fix reports.

Student punished with mandatory diversity training for ‘All Lives Matter’ tweet

The University of Houston’s student government vice president must undergo mandatory diversity training for tweeting “All Lives Matter.”

SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi made the comments on social media after the shooting in Dallas last month in which five officers were killed. The full tweet said “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.” It has since been deleted.

The diversity training is one of several sanctions Sethi has been handed down by the student government president for her tweet, a punishment in response to the uproar among many students who accused the tweet of insensitivity and divisiveness. Many students, including the Black Student Union, had called for her resignation or impeachment.

Sethi’s five sanctions include “a 50-day suspension beginning Aug. 1, mandatory attendance of the Libra Project diversity workshop, mandatory attendance of three cultural events per month, a reflection letter and a public presentation in the Senate Meeting on Sep. 28,” the Daily Cougar campus newspaper reports.

At that September meeting, Sethi is expected to detail what the diversity experiences have taught her about “cultural issues,” SGA President Shane Smith said in a statement announcing the sanctions.

Smith’s letter notes “since her original post, I have not felt that [Sethi] has understood or respected how her actions have affected the people around her, as well as the reputation of SGA and the university.”

Smith was granted permission from the entire student government to assign the sanctions, The Daily Caller reports. Smith’s letter adds Sethi must complete the sanctions before returning to her post.

On Twitter, several people posting under the #RemoveRohini hashtag celebrated the decision, calling it fair and just. On Facebook, Sethi announced she will submit to the punishment, for now.