This a another reminder that it’s never enough for the left. There will always be a complaint.

Campus Reform reports.

Gay-friendly Oberlin still plagued by white privilege, student complains

An Oberlin College student says that despite being considered the “gayest college in America,” the campus is still plagued by “structural and institutional racism, transphobia, ignorance, apathy and white privilege.”

In an op-ed Thursday for The Washington Blade, the nation’s oldest LGBT newspaper, Jesse Arnholz discusses her arduous efforts to find a college that was “very queer,” recalling that she was “seduced” by the large queer community at Oberlin, as well as its historical legacy as the first university in the United States to accept students regardless of race or gender.

Although Oberlin is rated the 13th most liberal campus in America by Niche—its faculty members have not made a single political contribution to a Republican candidate since 1990—Arnholz claims to have seen beyond the veil of tolerance and inclusion that the college touts and glimpsed into a more sinister atmosphere where bigotry still flourishes.

“Once I started school it became apparent that it was not the utopia I envisioned,” she laments. “Structural and institutional racism, transphobia, ignorance, apathy, and white privilege still lingered.”

According to Arnholz, Oberlin’s reputation as the “gayest college in America” belies the disappoint she felt upon encountering “the complacency of the white queer community and the often toxic-masculinity that many queer women and trans-masculine individuals have adopted.”