Experimental dance is like a stereotype of liberal higher education, isn’t it?

Campus Reform reports.

Hollins pursues diversity through ‘experimental dance,’ liberal lecturers

Hollins University is marking its 175th anniversary by redoubling its commitment to social justice, implementing a wide range of initiatives and hosting lectures by well-known liberals.

Hollins, a private women’s college in Virginia, asserts on its website that it “has long been dedicated to fostering a campus community that encourages and values diversity and inclusivity,” and says it plans to follow through on that commitment during the upcoming school year with a lengthy list of events “that illuminate important issues related to diversity, inclusivity, and cultural history.”

One such activity is “DANCING TO TRANSGRESS: MOVING LIBERATION” featuring visiting guest artist Amara Tabor-Smith, whose experimental dance work is described as “Afro furturist [sic] conjure art.” The “open dialogue” event, which will be offered in both September and October, “focuses on embodied dance practices and the persistent effort to transgress toward liberation,” according to the university.

Students will also have the opportunity to attend a variety of lectures throughout the year, including one titled “LOSS, LOVE, AND THE ART OF MAKING GUMBO” by Eileen Julien, a literature professor who grew up in New Orleans.

Other lecture offerings are potentially more objectionable, in that they feature unabashedly liberal speakers, though Hollins does not specify the topics that they will address.