It goes like this: Just claim that men can join if they want and no one will ask questions.

The FIRE blog reports.

Harvard to Student Club: Lie About Your Policies and You’ll Be OK

Harvard University’s ill-conceived decision to blacklist students who join off-campus, single-sex social organizations continues to backfire, forcing administrators to make exceptions to the overbroad policy.

The latest one would permit an off-campus women’s club to remain female-only without violating the policy that supposedly punishes “gender-based discrimination.” This strongly suggests that the real motivation behind the policy is not sex or gender discrimination at all—it’s that the Harvard administration simply doesn’t like certain groups and is willing to be as deceptive as is necessary to try to eliminate them. If you go to Harvard, beware: You’d better hope you and yours aren’t next on the freedom of association chopping block.

The Harvard Crimson reported yesterday on the alleged details of the exception described in emails it obtained, which, if substantiated, are truly absurd. According to the co-presidents of the off-campus, all-female Seneca club, the group was told by an administrator that it can go right on being single-sex but will not be sanctioned as long as it simply writes gender-neutrality into its policy. That is, The Seneca can go on being single-sex as long as it’s willing to tell a bald-faced lie about it.