There is absolutely no upside to this story. A woman was mauled to death by dogs and now the professor who owns the dogs is facing drug charges.


ABC News reports.

Yale Professor Facing Drug Charges After Dog Mauling Death

A Yale Medical School professor whose dogs mauled a Connecticut woman to death is facing drug charges.

WTNH-TV reports Hamilton Hicks was initially scheduled to be in a New Haven court on Friday but the case was continued until July 15. Police say he had three bags of crack cocaine in his possession during the June 20 dog attack, which killed Jocelyn Winfrey.

Hicks wasn’t charged in the dog attack. Police say they’ve closed their investigation and the dogs were properly registered and vaccinated.

Winfrey had been visiting Hicks’ home when the dogs attacked. Hicks tried unsuccessfully to pull the dogs off her. She later succumbed to her injuries.

WTNH-TV says the dogs will be euthanized next week. Hicks and Yale Medical School haven’t commented.