Campus snowflakes claim another scalp. They didn’t like the idea of cops on campus during the GOP convention.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Students demand to kick cops off campus, university caves and shuts down

The feelings of cop-fearing college students takes precedent over a regular summer schedule at Case Western Reserve University.

The university will shut down during the week of the Republican National Convention because students can’t handle the presence of armed police officers on campus, Heat Street reported. The university had agreed to allow the officers working the convention to stay in campus housing.

Students and their supporters vented concerns through an online petition which has 344 signatures after four weeks. The petition refers to officers as “riot police” and makes several demands:

  • Officers storing all of their weapons, equipment, and gear off-campus
  • Restricting officers from any university-owned buildings except for assigned residence halls
  • Reminding officers that they have no jurisdiction on campus
  • Refraining from alcohol “or other mind-altering substances”
  • Having officers consent to abide to university conduct on anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, substance abuse, and weapons policies; those who do not will be banned from campus
  • Inform the campus community of details including where the officers will be assigned; the dates and times and “details of the campus security plan to protect the rights and safety of the campus community during the RNC”
  • Alternate housing
  • Mechanism to report police misconduct

The students came to the conclusion that the officers were racist and homophobic.

“I am scared and concerned for students of color, queer* and trans* students, and all university community members,” wrote one supporter, who also urged the university to protect it “as a safe space for all bodies.”

Another wrote that the police presence “reinforces the reality that our lives and mental health does not matter” and called it “a slap in the face to both community members and minority/marginalized students. Having them on campus period is unacceptable.”

“The institutionally-sanctioned presence of militarized police forces in an educational environment is unacceptable and contributes to the creation and maintenance of a gendered and racialized space, physically, socially and psychologically unsafe for persons belonging to marginalized groups,” another supporter said.