Imagine for a moment that a college professor said this about any other group. They’d never work again.

Campus Reform reports.

UWM prof advocates ‘abolition of whiteness’

A professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is calling for the complete “abolition of whiteness,” saying only then will America see an end to racism.

Professor Gregory Jay’s personal website is devoted almost entirely to questions of whiteness and racism, with some whole essays on topics of “whiteness studies” addressing questions like “who invented white people?”

In one instance, when discussing a popular allegory from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, Jay expounds on a quotation about the “whiteness of the whale.”

“The great white whale of racism is a white invention,” he suggests. “It was white people who invented the idea of race in the first place, and it is white people who have become obsessed and consumed by it until, like Captain Ahab, they have become entangled so deeply in pursuing its nature that they self-destruct in the process.”

Then, Jay puts forth the total “abolition of whiteness” as the proper solution to racism, saying “racism will end” only “when the white whale that has been the source of so many delusions is finally left to disappear beneath the sea of time forever.”

Indeed, in another of his personal blog posts, Jay accuses whites of “self deception” and “complacency,” saying their ignorance of race “has been a historical constant.”

He then, of course, cites some statistics about white people’s attitudes towards police officers, saying “even in the last decade, almost two-thirds of white Americans have said that blacks are treated fairly by the police.”