The professor who makes this claim says it’s affecting the study of science. Not surprising.

The Daily Caller reports.

Professor Says College Students Are Learning ‘Advocacy, Not Climate Science’

Academics are teaching college students how to be climate and energy advocates, not climate scientists, a noted global warming researcher said Friday.

“What I have observed is that students are increasingly being fed climate change advocacy as a surrogate for becoming climate science literate,” David Legates, a professor of geography at the University of Delaware, wrote in a blog post Friday at global warming skeptic website Wattsupwiththat.

Legates added: “This makes them easy targets for the climate alarmism that pervades America today.”

Studying Earth’s climate is a complicated mess, Legates wrote, mostly because it requires academics and students having a detailed understanding of several natural science fields. Climate research has gained a lot of traction as the fear of so-called man-made global warming continues.

The former director of the Center for Climatic Research at Delaware suggested the complications associated with the field should prompt researchers to ask whether students are learning the nuts and bolts underlying climate study.

“At the very least, a student should be able to identify and describe the basic processes that cause Earth’s climate to vary from poles to equator, from coasts to the center of continents, from the Dead Sea or Death Valley depression to the top of Mount Everest or Denali,” Legates wrote. They also need to understand how “oceans, biosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere” work in in terms of an ever-changing climate.