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The Daily Caller reports.

Hillary Debt-Forgiveness Plan Blasted Because It Would Help Too Many White People

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a new plan Tuesday that would provide student loan assistance, and potentially full forgiveness, to college graduates who try to start their own business. But almost immediately after being announced, critics on the left decried Clinton’s plan, arguing that it will be too beneficial to white male graduates.

Under a plan Clinton laid out Tuesday during a campaign stop in Denver, student borrowers who provide proof they’ve started a new business can have the interest on their student loans deferred for up to three years while they work to build their business. If borrowers start up their business in an economically distressed area, they’ll also be eligible to have up to $17,500 in loans forgiven after five years.

Clinton’s plan says her administration would consider expanding this loan forgiveness to early employees of new businesses as well.

Clinton said her plan was intended to encourage innovation in the U.S. economy.

“It can be a lot harder [for entrepreneurs] if you’re juggling student loan payments, and that can cut into … what kind of risk you think you can take,” she said.

Some tech figures have already praised Clinton’s plan, with millionaire tech investor Brad Feld calling it “excellent and substantive.”

But not everybody is so happy. Bruce Wright, a reporter for the International Business Times, warned Tuesday afternoon that Clinton’s plan has a big flaw: It would help too many white people.