The thought police appear on another college campus.

The College Fix reports.

Student summoned to dean’s office for ‘required Administrative Meeting’ over Facebook posts

Purdue University Northwest student Joshua Nash has been summoned to a “required Administrative Meeting” scheduled by a campus administrator to discuss Nash’s personal Facebook comments, according to a July 6 memo sent to the student.

Nash, whose Twitter handle is @ConservativeJZN and whose bio declares “my pronouns are: God, Overlord, and #DangerousFaggot,” is a fan of conservative-homosexual firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos, and also likes to share posts from Blaire White, an anti-feminist transsexual.

Nash recently Tweeted a picture of the summons, stating: “Apparently I’m racist bc I retweet @MsBlaireWhite’s tweets & now my school wants me #Expelled for utilising my #1A.”

The summons is signed by Andrew Pettee, Director of Student Assistance, Leadership, and Conduct at the Office of the Dean of Students. The summons reads, “I have received a report from a community member regarding alleged comments that you made on Facebook. I have scheduled a required Administrative Meeting so that I can get more detailed information.”

Nash, a 21-year-old biological sciences major at the public university, told The College Fix he is still trying to understand how his personal opinions on a social media platform, not under the purview of Purdue University Northwest, could be cause for administrative review by campus superiors.

“I am mostly in shock right now because I never would have thought my rights would be violated in such a disproportionately cruel and unjustified way,” he told The College Fix.

Pettee, according to the university’s website, “serves as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator and an investigator for complaints of harassment or discrimination.”