Milo has really shown DePaul to be a politically biased school. What are they so afraid of?

The DePaulia reports.

University denies second Yiannopoulos visit

In an email, the university denied a request for space by the DePaul College Republicans for Milo Yiannopoulus’ second visit to campus.

Vice President of Student Affairs Eugene Zdziarski said in his email to college Republican leaders that “having consulted with Public Safety and having reviewed last Spring’s events, it is clear that it would not be possible for DePaul to provide the security that would be required for such an event.”

Zdziarski also said that after reviewing a full-length video of Yiannopoulus’ May 24 visit, it is the opinion of the university that “Mr. Yiannopoulos’ words and behavior contained inflammatory-speech, contributed to a hostile environment and incited similar behavior from the crowd in attendance. In addition, he led an unapproved march through campus that created a potentially dangerous situation.”

DePaul, he said in closing, will continue to work with student organizations to sponsor events and speakers representing a broad range of opinions.

The news comes despite Yiannopoulos listing DePaul as a September stop on his controversial tour of college campuses.

Yiannopoulos’ original visit ended in chaos as protesters inside the event venue stormed the stage and effectively shut it down. It also led to the reopening of wounds as several students of color reported being attacked with racial slurs and threats by non-DePaul students attending the event and Yiannopoulos’ followers on social media.