It looks like the author didn’t bother to fix the story even though she could have.

The Daily Caller reports.

Court Docs: Rolling Stone Author Was Too Lazy To Fix Bogus Gang Rape Article

New court documents filed in the defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone reveal that disgraced reporter Sabrina Erdely knew her story about a gang rape at the University of Virginia (UVA) was deeply flawed, but refused to change it because improving it would simply be too much work. They also reveal that Rolling Stone attempted to stem a rising tide of bad press by seeking a “sympathetic” MSNBC reporter who would let Erdeley defend herself without pushing back too much.

The revelations comes in a court filing made Friday by by attorneys representing UVA dean Nicole Eramo. Eramo is suing Rolling Stone for $25 million, claiming the magazine’s 2014 article “A Rape On Campus” defamed her by portraying her as indifferent towards the gang rape of student Jackie Coakley and unwilling to take her claims seriously.

After the article’s release, it became clear Coakley had invented her gang rape out of whole cloth, and that her story had huge flaws Erdely should have easily discovered but didn’t because she failed to perform due diligence as a reporter.

In the filing, Eramo’s attorney quote a deposition given by UVA activist Alex Pinkleton, who helped Erdely with the preparation of the article. Pinkleton says she spoke with Erdely December 5, the same day Rolling Stone posted an apology for factual errors in its story. According to her deposition, Pinkleton says Erdely “basically admitted … she should have completely rewritten [the story] and regrets that she didn’t.”