When colleges feel the cash crunch, which are the first programs to go?

Expect to see more of this as the higher ed bubble grows.

The Chicago Tribune reports.

Western Illinois University eliminates women’s studies, African-American studies

Western Illinois University trustees on Friday voted to eliminate African-American studies, women’s studies and two other degree programs due to poor enrollment and low graduation rates.

The university will allow students to minor in the eliminated program areas, which also include philosophy and religious studies.

The trustees’ vote follows a recommendation by Provost and Academic Vice President Kathy Neumann and a study by a program elimination committee. Trustee board Chairwoman Cathy Early said the decision to eliminate the majors was not one the board took lightly.

“The board got a lot of input and there were a lot of people that contacted us,” Early told The McDonough County Voice. “We talked extensively with the administration, we had asked for an advance and were provided with a lot of different documentation and information to consider. So yes, we took a lot of things into account.”