If you have one diversity and I give you another diversity, how many diversities do you have?

The Daily Caller reports.

Public College Drops Math Requirement, May Replace It With Diversity

A public university in Michigan has announced it’s deleting a requirement that all students complete at least one math course before graduating. At the same time, the school is seriously considering a new requirement that would compel students to complete four courses that promote diversity.

Wayne State University (WSU) in Detroit is one of the largest schools in Michigan, with some 27,000 students. Until now, all of them had to either take one of three basic math classes to earn their degree, or else test out by performing sufficiently on a relevant SAT, CLEP, or AP test.

But going forward, students will not longer have to demonstrate any mathematical competency to graduate, unless their particular course of study requires it.

The elimination of the math requirement came even though the school “strongly encourage[s]” students to take math classes, noting that they are invaluable for students who want to be employed in STEM-related fields. According to The Detroit Free Press, the school justified the move by saying the existing math requirement only expects students to learn as much as is currently required for a high school diploma. However, about one-third of WSU students need to take remedial coursework in their first year, suggesting that high school math may be just what some students need.