The book’s title had a bad word in it so everyone freaked out.

Campus Reform reports.

Seattle dean placed on leave for recommending book

A dean at Seattle University has been placed on administrative leave for recommending a book titled Nigger to a student involved with a group of protesters who are demanding a more diverse curriculum.

The student, who has yet to be identified by name, recounted the event, saying Dean Jodi Kelly “needs to be removed” for her actions.

“That word still hurts…It is not her place to tell me not to be offended. This woman needs to be removed. I’m worried about the students that come after me,” the student remarked.

The anonymous student claims to be a member of a group known as “ Matteo Ricci College Coalition,” referring to themselves by the namesake of their academic college, whose curriculum, they allege, places an inordinate emphasis on dead white males. The group is closing in on the end of a month-long occupation of the dean’s office, from which it has refused to depart until the college develops a new curriculum that “decentralizes whiteness” and places a “critical focus on the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, colonialism, etc.”

Accordingly, when an anonymous protester met with her in her office, Kelly suggested the student read Nigger, the autobiography of civil rights activist Dick Gregory, since the students had been asking for texts written from “marginalized backgrounds.”

“The student asked for more diversified reading. I complied and pulled the book from my shelf. The title, as you know, could startle, so I relayed the story of Dick Gregory explaining to his maternal ancestors why he titled it that way … I am not in the habit of ever using that word … I believe it demeans us all,” Kelly explained to Seattle-based paper The Stranger.