Some of these students will protest when their tuition goes up.

Campus Reform reports.

UC students: $25M for illegal immigrants too little

The University of California system recently pledged more than $25 million to illegal immigrant students over the next three years, but that is too little to suit some students.

The editorial board of The Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student newspaper, argued in an editorial Monday that the decision—announced last week by UC system President Janet Napolitano—is not an adequate long term solution because it is set to expire in 2019.

The Bruin describes the total allocation as “promising,” but contends that it “fails to ultimately address the larger problem at hand,” despite the fact that the $25 million figure is over five times the amount that Napolitano had committed for the same purpose when she assumed her current position in 2013.

“Setting expiration dates only serves to create uncertainty among students whose futures are already held in tenuous balance due to patchwork governmental policies,” the editorial contends, arguing that a more permanent solution needs to be implemented because illegal immigrant students are often ineligible for federal aid, work study, and work permits.

The editorial proposes that the UC system institutionalize funding so that services like the UC Undocumented Legal Services Center can be expanded with additional lawyers and services.

“By expanding funding through 2019, President Napolitano has demonstrated her continued commitment to helping undocumented students,” UC spokeswoman Claire Doan told Campus Reform in response to the editorial’s critique, adding that “from here, UC will continue to assess its programs to determine the best course of action.”