Is that really the message these folks want to send?

Red Alert Politics reports.

“We’re asking for it”: Univ. of Maryland promotes ‘sex-positive’ culture

Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Cultures of Consent held an event at the University of Maryland this week to encourage a ‘sex-positive’ culture. The theme was “We’re asking for it.”

The event was put together by students from the Public Leadership Scholar Program who are offered college credit for hands-on public service projects and examination of pressing social, political, and economic issues.

The majority of the participants were young women distributing condoms, candy, and stickers that read “DO ME (Consensually)” and “WE’RE ASKING FOR IT.”

The ladies invited fellow students to play spin the bottle with sex trivia, covering topics regarding consent, body image, law, and porn literacy. During one game, a male student received a question about the age of consent in Maryland. The questioner revealed the answer is between 14 to 16 years of age, to which the contestant said, “sweet!”

Students were also encouraged to express consent in writing on a giant piece of construction paper. Some of the comments included, “Let’s Bang ;),” “I am giving you my consent,” “Can I take a photo of you?” “Can I kiss you?” “Can we have coitus?” and “Can I put my hands between your legs?”

“What we believe in is sex positivity, which is a movement and idea and ideology that any sex that’s consensual is healthy and good for you,” Executive Director Elizabeth Puloka explained at the event.

Puloka also cautioned against the dismissal of rape as a “serious unnecessary epidemic.”