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The Wall Street Journal reports.

Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Balloon Releases at University of Nebraska Football Games

An activist in Omaha is asking a federal court to ban balloon releases at University of Nebraska football games, the latest skirmish in a nationwide dispute over whether the soaring spectacles exact a heavy toll on the environment.

Randall Krause filed suit in the state’s federal court last week alleging the release of thousands of bright red balloons by Cornhusker fans after the first touchdown of home games violates environmental laws.

Mr. Krause likens the balloons to flying garbage that endangers wildlife and even children when they eventually fall to the earth.

“The mass balloon releases during football games at Memorial Stadium result in the open dumping of solid waste,” Mr. Krause alleged in his14-page suit.

The university, which has been releasing balloons at home games since the 1940s, doesn’t comment on pending legislation, said Steve Smith, a spokesman. “It is, however, worth noting that every balloon released in Memorial Stadium is natural latex biodegradable, and they are tied off with 100% cotton strings,” he said in a statement.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says birds and other wildlife can think balloons are food, and ingesting them can make animals sick or even kill them. The strings can get tangled around limbs or strangle animals, it adds.

The service last year asked the public not to let balloons float away and documented the trash they create on beaches.

Despite years of controversy, the practice remains a fixture at events like the Indianapolis 500 later this month, which has released balloons since 1947, according to the event’s website.