Needless to say, sane America wasn’t amused.

Allen B. West reports.

University SILENCES conservative speaker; it backfires IMMEDIATELY

On Tuesday a gay refugee was shut down and threatened with violence by a religious preacher at a Catholic University.

At least, that’s the headline you would’ve read had the speaker been a leftist. He wasn’t. It was conservative speaker and Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who stopped by DePaul University as part of his speaking tour. To progressives, black lives, gay lives, Muslim lives, and trans lives only matter for the purpose of furthering political narratives.

After daring to criticize microaggresions, Milo was quickly macroaggressed as a man later identified as church minister Edward Ward and an accomplice quickly stormed the stage, eloquently proclaiming, “Dump Trump, Dump Trump, Dump Trump, I have all day, I have all day, I have all day.” Of course he does; he doesn’t have a job.