It’s extremely difficult to fire union members and some people are taking advantage.

The Cornell Daily Sun reports.

Cornell Dining Employees Concerned by Union’s Effect on Worker Motivation

Cornell dining employees in its labor union raised concerns about ‘chronic worker problems’ and poor food quality in dining halls in advance of the triennial elections for the United Auto Workers today and the group’s contract renewal with the University in June.

The UAW, a union that protects employees in service and maintenance occupation at the University, will reach its contractual expiration on June 30 — an agreement held since 2012, according to their contract.

Dining hall employee and union member Zachary Winn said a “very unhealthy culture” has developed among union workers in the Cornell dining system, saying there is a “chronic worker problem” within the union.

“It’s impossible [for union members] to get fired … so, just being a bad employee isn’t enough,” Winn said.

This poor employee morale has profoundly impacted employees who work alongside those with chronic problem workers, according to Winn.

“Not only does it suck to have these people not do their jobs, but for somebody who does do their job — it makes it incredibly difficult,” he said.