Yes, it was just Cinco de Mayo.

The College Fix reports.

Cinco de NO-NO: Students warned ‘don’t use Spanish disrespectfully’

Some Brown University students have a message for their Ivy League peers, and everyone else in the U.S.: Today may be Cinco de Mayo, but that doesn’t give you the right to wear sombreros or say things en Español.

The prestigious university’s MEChA de Brown student group has put out a series of admonishing social media posters and YouTube videos that lecture viewers on the do’s and don’ts of marking Cinco de Mayo.

One “how-to” states: “Don’t wear a sombrero, fake mustache, or serape. Don’t assume all Latinx communities observe Cinco de Mayo. Don’t call it ‘Cinco de Drinko.’ Don’t visit party stores for costumes and accessories. Don’t use Spanish disrespectfully. Don’t perpetuate harmful stereotypes.”