Jason Riley is a brilliant guy who writes for the Wall Street Journal but he’s been disinvited from speaking at Virginia Tech.

Hypeline reports.

Black conservative scholar Jason Riley disinvited from speaking at Virginia Tech

Jason Riley — a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a columnist for The Wall Street Journal — has been dis-invited from speaking at Virginia Tech, according to National Review.

“Mr. Riley, who is black, has attracted some negative attention since his publication in 2014 of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed,” wrote National Association of Scholars President Peter Wood, who broke the story.

According to a memo obtained by Mr. Wood, the head of the Virginia Tech Finance Department, Professor Vijay Singal, vetoed the speaking arrangement because of the potential that there would be protests. Even though there were zero active plans to protest the event, the mere potential of protests was enough for Singal to veto the speaking arrangement.

“The head of the finance department had not initially objected to Riley as the next BB&T speaker but later, when he realized that Riley had ‘written about race issues’ in the Wall Street Journal, he decided Riley would have to go,” Mr. Wood reported.