American academia is getting downright Orwellian.

The Daily Caller reports.

Universities Are Singling Out White Students For ‘Education Sessions’

In just the latest instance of a taxpayer-funded university singling out white students for privilege-shaming “education sessions,” the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosted a special workshop on Tuesday for the purpose of getting white students to acknowledge and confront their own white privilege.

According to the university website, “The Privilege of Whiteness” workshop was designed for white people to “reflect on and name the ways their privilege impacts their beliefs and behaviors by gaining the skills to identify the historical roots of White privilege and how it manifests today.” Prospective attendees were informed that the workshop was “designed for a White audience,” although “People of color” were still welcome.

The workshop is one of a handful of “education sessions” offered through the university’s Morgridge Center for Public Service. Students wishing to participate in the university’s Badger Volunteers program are required to attend at least one of the education sessions.

The University of Wisconsin is just the latest university to single out white students for privilege-shaming workshops.