This student essay at the College Fix by a progressive is rather enlightening.

I’m a progressive student who’s scared my peers have gone off the deep end in killing free speech

OPINION: Social justice warrior opposes efforts by peers to shut down free speech

As a high school senior living in St. Paul, I was excited to visit the University of Minnesota to watch a joint lecture by Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos. It was to be one of my first campus experiences as I gear up to attend Ithaca College in New York this fall.

But what I discovered at this institution of higher learning shocked me to my core.

A raucous demonstration prevented me from even getting inside the door. The unruly protest included a throng of students holding signs and shouting that the university was supporting “transphobic hate speech.” They chanted “trans lives matter” and “end rape culture.”

As someone who has been celebrated by the ACLU of Minnesota for my youth activism in support of LGBTQ and women’s reproductive rights, I was highly taken aback by the display. In my native Kenya, I saw firsthand how women are denied comprehensive reproductive health care services and how the LGBTQ community is forced to live underground. I’m only 18, but I have dedicated myself to working against that here.

To suggest I support “transphobic hate speech” and “rape culture” for my desire to attend this lecture was not only ludicrous but a personal affront to everything I have worked for in recent years as a civil libertarian.

I finally managed to make my way into the event – 90 minutes after it began – missing most of it and feeling frustrated, confused and concerned. That evening I had something of an epiphany.

I really began to understand the pernicious influence student activists who would normally have my sympathies have on the campus environment, especially when it comes to free speech.