Like everything else in life, it’s all about supply and demand.

The Washington Examiner reports.

The cottage industry of campus grievance culture

Someone said something you don’t like? Report them.

Someone you don’t like flirted with you? Report them.

Regret that drunken hookup? Report the other person.

The elevation of life’s minor indignities to full blown crimes of sexual harassment and assault have created a cottage industry on college campuses. Millions of dollars are being spent by universities hiring “lawyers, investigators, case workers, survivor advocates, peer counselors, workshop leaders and other officials to deal with increasing numbers of these complaints,” according to a report from the New York Times.

Notice how police and due process advocates are missing from the list of hires. Make no mistake, the lawyers aren’t being hired for the students involved in these disputes, they’re being hired to protect the schools from lawsuits arising from these disputes (although at least one school, Columbia University, does provide legal advice to accusing and accused students).

“The expansion of Title IX bureaucracies — often at great expense — is driven in part by pressure from the federal government, which recently put out a series of policy directives on sexual misconduct on campus,” the Times’ Anemona Hartocollis wrote.