Some people probably wanted to get rid of this student just over his politics.

Reed Alert Politics reported.

Conservative removed as Bucknell class president (for bogus reasons)

Students at Bucknell are now being punished after engaging in conservative beliefs and activities, Tom Cicciotta, Junior Class President, has been removed from his position. Ciccotta had also taken on five instead of the regular four classes and writes part-time for Breitbart, which notes he was removed “for no practical reason.”

Ciccotta has helped bring conservative speakers to campus and has also covered them for Breitbart at other universities. His student government obligations involved organizing a major social event for the junior class, but he fulfilled his duties by organizing two. Despite such dedication, he was removed one week before his term was up, for missing 4 out of 79 meetings during the semester.

Such absences were taken for a job interview with Alex Marlow, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart, orgaizing a campus event with Steven Crowder, work commitments for Breitbart, and traveling last minute to attend an event with Milo Yiannopoulos in Atlanta.

The Bucknell’s Student Government Constitution notes that 3 unexcused absences may lead to removal, though excused absences will count as one half. It is noted that “special circumstances” may be taken into account.

As Breitbart notes, other students, who have not been removed, missed meetings for reasons such as oversleeping, which they informed others of through text messages. The Constitution outlines that excuses must be submitted eight hours prior.

Ciccotta had notified his superiors within that time except for one absence, and that Merino and Ravida “seemed supportive.”

Breitbart spoke with Student Body President Mark Merino, who was responsible for the decision along with Student Body Vice-President Nigel Ravida. Merino, whose signature noted that he prefers the “gender pronouns” of “he/his/him,” claimed that Ciccotta’s removal was “strictly an issue regarding attendance.”

There is dispute between claims from Merino that Ciccotta was “asked” to resign, and from Ciccotta who says he was removed rom the student government website before even being told.