Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend and not an isolated incident.

Ashe Schow reports at the Washington Examiner.

Georgia college students just got a little more due process

Students attending schools that are part of the University System of Georgia will be better able to defend themselves from false accusations of sexual assault, thanks to new policies adopted by the system’s Board of Regents.

On Wednesday, the board voted to adopt new policies that would require all schools in the system to provide some due process to accused students, including the ability to have an adviser or attorney present at every stage of the investigation, hearing and appeal (accusers will also have this right). Accused students will now also receive “written notice of possible charges,” because previously they were just being made aware there was an accusation, and not the specific details thereof.

Accused students will also have the opportunity to “notify the investigator of relevant witnesses and evidence at the outset of the matter.” This sounds good in theory, but notice there is no requirement that investigators follow through with or include this information in their final report.