The bill suggests that without abortion, students cannot be successful.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Student senate at UC-Berkeley demands on-campus abortions

On Tuesday, Campus Reform reported that the student senate at UC-Berkeley passed a bill urging the student health center to implement on-campus medication abortions. Such a bill largely escaped coverage and students’ radar.

Students for Life at Berkeley released a statement when contacted by Red Alert Politics:

The student government at Berkeley exemplifies the lack of support and empowerment of women that is rampant throughout the abortion rights movement. Abortion is degrading to women, and the bill expresses a mentality that a woman’s ability to bear children is a crisis rather than an empowering act and a great contribution to society. That is not only dangerous and hurtful, but it stigmatizes pregnant and parenting students on campus.

This is exactly the kind of callous attitude that forces students to choose between their child and their education, which no student should have to do. The Students for Life club at Berkeley is dedicated to not only educating their peers on the atrocity of abortion but also offering tangible resources for pregnant and parenting students. We are willing and ready to support these students facing unplanned pregnancies so that they aren’t forced to choose between their child and their education.