This is just further proof that the left is never satisfied. Something will always be wrong.

The Daily Caller reports.

University Of New Mexico Seal Denounced As Racist For Not Having Indians On It

Student activists at the University of New Mexico (UNM) are demanding that the school abolish its current school seal because it allegedly celebrates genocide and whitewashes out the legacy of the state’s American Indians.

UNM’s official school seal, in use since 1969, shows an American frontiersman on the left and a Spanish conquistador on the left, above the school’s motto of “Lux Hominum Vita” (Life, the light of man). It’s generally used only on diplomas and other official matters, and isn’t a major part of the school’s marketing.

That’s straightforward enough, but some people are deeply upset about it.

According to local KRQE news, Indian activist group The Red Nation (whose membership includes many UNM students) has started passing out fliers with a doctored seal that shows the frontiersman and conquistador standing atop a massive pile of human bones. Across the front in bold letters is the phrase “What Indians?”