This news comes just a day after the terror attacks in Brussels.

CNN reports.

Two university students convicted of plotting London terror attack

Two university students have been convicted of plotting a terror attack on the streets of London.

The terror cell’s 22-year-old ringleader, Tarik Hassane, and 21-year-old Suhaib Majeed, were convicted Wednesday of conspiring to commit a terrorist murder in support of ISIS.

The foiled attack targeted the Shepherds Bush Police Station and the Parachute Regiment Territorial Army Center in White City, in west London.

“They were planning to target police or military personnel before escaping on a moped, but members of the public also could have been victims had their plans not been thwarted,” Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command, said.

The convictions come on the heels of the deadly terror attacks on Brussels and an announcement from the UK’s top counter terror officer at the beginning of the month that the UK is preparing for “enormous and spectacular” potential attacks from ISIS.

The Counter Terrorism Command’s investigation showed that Hassane, a medical student, pledged allegiance to ISIS in July of 2014 and was determined to carry out a terrorist attack in the UK. It added Majeed had downloaded encrypted software to talk to extremist groups overseas.