It’s the left which is always demanding safe spaces but they only want them for themselves.

FOX News reports.

Liberals turn Twitter, Facebook and even college campuses into unsafe spaces for the right

“Free speech isn’t free” the saying goes. Certainly not when we count on private institutions like colleges, Twitter or Facebook to keep it that way.

Twitter is in an uproar as conservatives are exiled, silenced or abandon the venue in protest. Facebook is increasingly using its power to silence views it opposes. And colleges, once bastions of freedom, now limit speech they don’t like and intimidate those who dare speak out.

Conservative Ben Shapiro got a scary reminder of just how bad things are. He was first disinvited from California State University, Los Angeles and then needed police escort to protect him and his supporters last Thursday from berserk lefty protesters intent on disruption.

The left wants to turn the world into one giant unsafe space for anything they oppose. And it’s working.

This fight has been especially visible on campuses. Mizzou’s resident academic activist Melissa Click just found out that she had lost her job for urging an assault on a student photographer. That was some rare good news.

Williams College went from protecting free speech to dropping a speaker because allegedly “many of his expressions clearly constitute hate speech.”

On most colleges, that means you dare disagree with the party line.