Isn’t it funny how some students will actually protest for less freedom?

The College Fix reports.

Anti-gun protesters in Kansas try to block campus carry from taking effect

Choice: Either provide security or let people protect themselves

A Kansas law requiring all government buildings to allow guns is giving publicly funded colleges another 15 months to comply.

But anti-gun protesters are hoping they can reverse so-called campus carry rules well before that deadline, using the popular tactic of claiming their voices have been silenced by lobbyists.

If they were hoping for the sort of physical confrontation that Wisconsin labor activists provoked in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-union agenda in 2011, they were disappointed at a protest Thursday.

‘Immediately security yelled at us’

Protesters representing the Kansas Coalition for a Gun Free Campus arrived at the Capitol building in Topeka to silently oppose the law, wearing mouth gags with “NRA” written on them.

Protester Davis Hammet told The College Fix that the Legislature is ignoring their message in favor of the gun lobby.

“After our demonstration in the Rotunda, some of us went to sit in on the House session,” another protester who declined to provide a name told The Fix in direct messages on Twitter. “We stood in silence in the observation area with our mouth gags on and were asked to leave.”