Who knew the city of Detroit was in such sound financial shape?

The Detroit Free Press reports.

Detroit high school grads to get tuition-free college

Detroit students who graduate from any high school in the city — public, charter or private — will be guaranteed two tuition-free years of community college under a program Detroit leaders unveiled today.

The Detroit Promise will pay for tuition costs not covered by grants and other scholarships students receive, and they’ll be able to attend five Detroit-area community colleges.

“We are making a promise to every single child who graduates from a high school in the City of Detroit that you will have your first two years of college paid for,” Mayor Mike Duggan said. “We’re going to build from here to the point where we’re ultimately going to raise money so it can be four years, but today it’s two years.”

The Detroit Promise grew out of an effort in 2013 by the Michigan Education Excellence Foundation and the Detroit Regional Chamber, which raised funds for the Detroit Scholarship Fund, which has helped more than 1,500 Detroit students attend community college tuition free.