Is there a single college president in America who will stand up to whiny leftist students?

The College Fix reports.

Emory University president grovels before anti-Trump protesters

Following the whine fest by approximately 40 Emory University students over numerous pro-Donald Trump “chalkings” found across campus Sunday night, school president James W. Wagner issued the perfectly contrite response.

Referring to the gripes over seeing “Trump 2016” messages as a “mechanism for interaction,” Wagner said “college campuses should encourage activism as a form of expression of concern that will ultimately better the community.”

In a school-wide email, Wagner noted several steps by which to address the concerns of the activists. Among them are “regular and structured opportunities for difficult dialogues” and a “formal process to institutionalize identification, review and addressing of social justice opportunities and issues.”

Uh huh.

The president also asked regarding the Trump graffiti: “Was it really just a message about a political preference, a candidate preference or was it a harsher message?”

“I will tell you,” he said, “those who met with me were genuine in their concerns that it was the latter.”

Of that there is no doubt.