Is this progress? It feels like we’re going backwards.

Eric Owens reports at the Daily Caller.

This Taxpayer-Funded University Is LITERALLY Building A Segregated Dorm

The University of Connecticut is building a new residence hall that will segregate black people away from the general student population.

The new, segregated, all-male residence hall at the taxpayer-funded, flagship state school will be called ScHOLA²RS House, reports Campus Reform.

The awkwardly long acronym ScHOLA²RS stands for “Scholistic [sic] House Of Leaders who are African Amercian [sic] Researchers and Scholars.” ScHOLA²RS House will be among seven distinct communities at UConn’s $79 million, 210,000 square-foot NextGen Residence Hall, which is set to open in the fall.

It’s not clear if the words “Scholistic” and “Amercian” are purposefully misspelled for some reason.

In any case, the mission of the segregated dorm is “to groom, nurture, and train the next generation of leaders to address grand challenges in society through the promotion of academic success in undergraduate programs at the University of Connecticut and in competitive graduate programs.”

The concept, supporters of the neo-Jim Crow dorm say, is to increase college graduation rates for black males at UConn.

UConn education professor Erik Hines, the faculty director for the dorm, observed that black males at the school get diplomas at a rate of just 54 percent. The rate for all students on campus is 82.5 percent.

“It is a space for African American men to, one, come together, and validate their experiences that they may have on campus,” Hines told Hartford Fox affiliate WTIC-TV. “Number two, it’s also a space where they can have conversation and also talk with individuals who come from the same background who share the same experience.”