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No Peace and No Justice

Word from the inside says that no students are currently under investigation or facing College discipline for the BLM invasion of Baker Library on November 12:

You will recall that we published two eye-witness reports of the ugly events in the library that described the surrounding of studying students by BLM demonstrators and the shrieking of racist vulgarities. At least one complaint about that day was filed with the College — I know because I filed it — and Phil did promise publicly in the Valley News to investigate the events:

Administrators are investigating reports of violations of college policy, Hanlon said, and will enforce appropriate sanctions.

We’ve seen this behavior before when IP Carol Folt and Trustee Chair Steve Mandel announced that the RealTalk students who disrupted the Dimensions show in 2013 would be investigated by the College. In fact, no investigation was planned, and the Real Talkers were informed sotto voce by the administration that they had nothing to fear. To their credit, the kids informed Dartblog of Parkhurst’s duplicity. The administration was properly embarrassed, and to save face Folt punished the miscreants with a term or two of probation — the very lightest of wristslaps.

Perhaps a precedent has been set by the BLM students: it is ok to scream the following epithets in the ears of students working in the library:

You white racist piece of shit

Fuck your white privilege

Fuck your white tears

Stand the fuck up! Do you not think that black lives matter?

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