This is exactly what the left wants. They want a return to the 1960’s.

Newsweek reports.

When It Comes To Protests, It’s Like The 1960’s For College Freshmen

A new survey report shows that 8.5 percent of current college freshmen expect to participate in a student protest while in college. That figure is up 2.9 percentage points from 2014, and it is the highest percentage to respond that way in the annual survey since 1967.

For students who identified as black, the survey numbers were even higher: 16 percent said they would likely participate in a protest, up 5.5 percentage points from 2014.

The Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, released the report on Wednesday. It was based on a survey of 141,189 full-time college students at 199 four-year colleges in the United States. The results come at an intense time in academia, when students at numerous schools are demonstrating against what they feel are injustices—especially involving race—and are issuing demands to college administrators.

As The Washington Post has pointed out, a website called The Demands keeps a list of what the student groups are seeking. As of early December, when the list was last updated, students at 76 schools had issued demands.

“Students across the country have become, we use the term ‘woke,’” says Samuel Sinyangwe, a recent Stanford graduate who runs The Demands and describes himself as an activist. “This is in many ways the culmination of so much of the activism that we’ve seen across the country, not just on campuses.”

The results also indicate that more college freshman identify as liberal than they have in decades, which perhaps explains why polls indicate that Senator Bernie Sanders is a top choice for president among college students. According to the report, 33.5 percent of college freshman identified as liberal or as belonging to the far left. The Higher Education Research Institute says that is the highest percentage since 1973.