This push for social justice requirements is getting a little ridiculous, isn’t it?

Blake Neff reports at the Daily Caller.

Ohio State Makes Nursing Students Learn About White Privilege, Police Brutality

A mandatory webinar for students studying nursing at Ohio State University (OSU) teaches police have “assaulted” racial minorities in the U.S. for generations, and that middle class white nurses will give lower-quality care to poor non-whites.

The webinar, titled “Naming and Addressing Racism: A Primer,” is a mandatory component of “Cultural Competence in Health Care: U.S. and Global Contexts,” a required course for nursing students, according to Campus Reform. It doesn’t appear to be unique to OSU, as it was created by the American Public Health Association (APHA) last July for use across the country.

According to students who took the webinar, the lessons dwell at some length on the various indignities and “microaggressions” suffered by non-whites in the U.S. every day — whether its extra attention from shopkeepers who fear shoplifting or indifference from waiters who expect to be stiffed on tips. Some aspects of the webinar can be gleaned from its slideshows, available online.

“All communities have been assaulted by police for generations. Now that we have cell phones, we’re learning more about it,” says Morehouse School of Medicine associate professor Camara Phyllis Jones, who appears in the webinar.