When you get down to it, is there anything that isn’t racist?

National Review reports.

Black Lives Matter at Cornell: Climate Change Is Racist

The co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement gave a speech at Cornell University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lecture earlier this month, where they taught students important lessons like the fact that climate change is racist.

According to an article in the Cornell Review, one of the co-founders, Opal Tometi, referred to climate change as “global anti-blackness” because six out of the ten countries on the top of the “climate change vulnerability index” are in Africa.

Co-founder Alicia Garza hit some other topics, such as how she would like to “retire” the phrase “black-on-black crime” and instead, as the Review put it, “focus instead on the violence of the state.”

Activist Janaya Kahn also participated in the talk, which, according to the Review, was filled to the school’s Sage Chapel’s 750-seat capacity so quickly that ushers had to turn people away at the door.