Ben Shapiro is set to visit the campus of California State University, Los Angeles but one professor can’t handle it.

Blake Neff reports at the Daily Caller.

‘I Lift, Bro’: Prof MELTS DOWN About Conservative Event, Tries To Pick Fights With Students

A professor at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), is at the center of an epic meltdown over an upcoming visit by conservative author Ben Shapiro.

It all started when CSULA’s branch of Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative youth organization, announced that Shapiro would be appearing Feb. 25 for a lecture title “When Diversity Becomes a Problem.” The lecture will discuss topics like Black Lives Matter, microaggressions, and trigger warnings and whether they pose a threat to freedom of speech.
Ironically, several students and faculty have reacted to the notion they want to stifle free speech by savagely attacking the event, with some of them arguing it should be shut down.

One of those aggressively denouncing the event is Robert Weide, an assistant professor of sociology at the school.

Weide posted a comment on the event’s page accusing “Young Americans for Liberty” [sic] of being a group of white supremacists looking to intimidate “POC” (people of color), and predicted they would need police protection at their event to protect themselves from mob violence.