This might explain why Bernie Sanders is so popular among college students.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Data: Karl Marx is the most assigned economist at U.S. Colleges

Everyone knows that the foundation of a good education is reading, writing, arithmetic — and communism?

Market Watch reported that Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in U.S. college courses, and his premiere work The Communist Manifesto ranks among the top three most frequently assigned texts.

This data comes from the Open Syllabus project which tracked the books and other works assigned to American college students in more than a million classrooms.

Each author and work received a teaching score from 0 to 100 based upon how often they were assigned.

Left-wing and Keynesian economists received much higher schools than those that taught a more conservative or libertarian school of thought.

Marx had a score of 99.7, Paul Krugman scored 89.4, Gregory N. Mankiw scored 87.5, Joseph Stiglitz scored 83.9, Thomas Friedman scored 77.8, and John Maynard Keynes scored 41.9.

Right-wing theorists had lower teaching scores: Adam Smith scored 95.5, Milton Friedman scored 65.7, Henry Hazlitt scored 13.9, Ludwig von Mises scored 10.7, and Murray Rothbard scored 3.8.

It’s no wonder that college students are attracted to Bernie Sanders’ tax and spend policies — that’s all they’re taught.