It’s hard to remember who is allowed to criticize who.

The College Fix reports.

Renowned gay scholar blasted for saying feminism is a ‘sour mix of victimization and privilege’

Gay men have been reminded once again that they are not allowed to question feminism.

A prominent retired medieval scholar, Loyola University Chicago’s Allen Frantzen, is facing scorn within his “close-knit field” for writing a blog post last summer that told men “How to Fight Your Way Out of the Feminist Fog,” The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

The post borrows terminology often associated with men’s-rights activism, including encouragement for men to take the “red pill” of reality, not the “blue pill” of illusion, and to break away from the feminist fog. The fog, Mr. Frantzen explains, represents how feminism hangs over society — in a “sour mix of victimization and privilege” — and intimidates men into accepting its perspective.

Frantzen is renowned for “his groundbreaking efforts to open up medieval scholarship to work that examined homosexuality” in master works such as Beowulf, yet his biggest critic is a queer woman:

[Eileen] Joy, who runs the open-access publisher Punctum Books, said she left the field out of frustration with how her work was being received and how she had been treated as a queer woman. “He was symptomatic of a field that is stunning for its racism, homophobia, and misogyny.”