Like other schools, there is probably a small group of campus activists driving this whole thing.

Bloomberg reports.

Cornell University to Consider Divesting Fossil Fuel Investments

Cornell University’s trustees are planning to discuss divesting from fossil fuels, an issue that many of the richest U.S. schools have grappled with while only a few have taken action to purge their endowments of oil, gas and coal company stocks.

Cornell’s 64-member board will include the topic at its scheduled meetings today and Saturday, said John Carberry, a spokesman for the Ithaca, New York-based school. It was unclear whether the board will vote on the issue. Cornell’s $6.3 billion endowment has about $24 million in fossil-fuel investments, according to the school.

Divestment has been a popular issue in recent years among students, who have protested at campuses from Swarthmore College to Yale University. Yet even with the movement spreading to more than 1,000 campuses, only a few dozen schools have placed some restrictions on their commitments to the sector.