The social media editor was booted one day after an open letter criticized the Columbia Journal.

The College Fix reports.

Columbia arts journal fires female editor for defending its use of white men as contest judges

If you don’t want to be accused of racism, sexism and oppression, make sure there aren’t too many men – particularly white men – in important roles in your organization.

If you can’t immediately fix that problem – by firing or demoting them – then just abjectly apologize and hope for the best.

Your third option is to fire the woman who defends them, then abjectly apologize.

In a whirlwind that recalls one of the central incidents in Jon Ronson’s book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Columbia University’s student-run arts journal dumped its social media editor, grad student Sara Atrice Loitz, one day after an open letter criticized Columbia Journal.

The journal’s sin? Using all men to judge its writing contest this year. Even worse, two of the three men were white.